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The New Hobby During Pandemic For Killing Boreness

  During this Pandemic, many people are taking up their new hobbies. Some return to reading novels, writing stories, exercising, assembling toys, gardening, and most of all playing games. One of the most popular games is the Otome-themed game. This game tells the journey of a woman in her life. One of the platforms that provide Otome games is Memories Interactive . I am one of the players who often play this game in my spare time. If you are interested in playing this Otome game, you can download it here for Android and here for iOS. In addition to playing games, many hobbies have started in the community since the 2020 pandemic ago until the end of 2021 this year. Hobbies that are starting to trend among the community include,  Cycling . At the beginning of the implementation of the new normal, people began to be enthusiastic about exercising. Many kinds of sports are liked by the public during the pandemic, one of which is cycling. At first, this was a sport that became a trend whe

Trend Fashion During Pandemic

  This pandemic affects how a person's daily activities are. It can be seen how people are starting to get used to new routines, such as exercising, wearing masks, looking simple, and also playing games more often. Including me, I also play games at home more often and the game I play is Memories Interactive , an Otome Game-themed game platform, which makes me addicted to playing this game. If you are interested in trying to play this game, you can easily download it here for Android and here for iOS. In addition to affecting daily activities, the pandemic also affects how people look. In this difficult and limited time, style is beautiful but complicated. Fashion observer Franka Soeria admits that the trend to be beautiful but complicated has ended. "The trend of looking beautiful but making it difficult or complicated is finishing because of the pandemic," he said in the Ederra webinar, Thursday (19/8/2021). According to Franka, the fashion trend in the current pandem

The Key to a Successful Long Distance Relationship

  Every couple has their way of living their life. Some are living together, some are working together, some are in long-distance relationships. Well, often Long-distance relationships are considered the most difficult to live. The many temptations and problems faced are difficult to go through alone. So how do you make a long-distance relationship last? Here are some tips so that LDR can last. Commitment and Mutual Trust Before starting a relationship, let alone a long-distance relationship, you should start with your commitment to starting a relationship. This commitment must be based on trust and strong determination in carrying out the relationship. Trust is the main key to the success of a relationship, especially long-distance relationships. Your trust will be tested more once you are in a long-distance relationship aka LDR. Reporting from cosmopolitan. UK, Aoife Drury, a psychosexual and relationship therapist, says that trust is what is needed in building a healthy relationship

Question to ask: How to Improve Yourself

  Have you ever felt insecure about yourself in the eyes of others? Or do you feel less confident in your ability to do your job? Or are you still having trouble communicating with your friends and family? Maybe it's all because you don't know yourself. The importance of one in knowing oneself can make one's life easier. Why? Because by knowing our own strengths and weaknesses, we are able to find the best way for our lives in the future. Can determine and decide what to do and what to avoid. Therefore, it is important to ask ourselves, in order to be able to improve our abilities in the future. Here are some questions to ask yourself that you can do to improve your abilities. What do I really want? This is a basic question to ask yourself first. This question is important because it will make it easier for you to step forward. You can focus and know what you want while trying to find a way to achieve it. If you still don't know what you want, maybe you still need to ge

WOW! BTS Concert in Indonesia 2022!

Fans of Korean pop idols or known as K-Pop, of course, you are already familiar with this one idol. One of the idol groups that has the biggest fan base, ARMY, and won several awards in the music world, they are none other than BTS. Well, I recently heard the announcement that this Idol group will hold a concert in Indonesia, you know. Wow, Indonesian ARMYs must be happy to hear this news. BTS Concert in Indonesia BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan is rumored to be holding a concert in Indonesia. BTS is rumored to be holding a concert at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) in 2022. Hearing this news, ARMY Indonesia immediately responded to the truth of the news. Because if BTS were to hold a concert in Indonesia in 2022, it would be their second concert in Indonesia after five years. The news that one of the K-Pop idols, BTS, will hold a concert in Indonesia was first conveyed by the President Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) Widi Amanasto, during a visit by members of t

Stress Relief Management

  Dense daily activities, busy work, and economic constraints, usually make a person more easily stressed. Symptoms that arise from stress in the form of headaches, unable to focus on work, unable to control emotions, and so on, will eventually interfere with your life with other people, both family and friends, or your work partners. If you often feel stressed, especially prolonged stress, you should try to do stress management properly so that you can feel more calm, comfortable, and happy. Here, there are several ways that you might be able to do to reduce the feeling of prolonged stress. Enough Rest For some people, stress may be caused by a lack of sleep or not getting enough sleep. If this continues, the person will feel less energetic and have difficulty concentrating or focusing on daily activities. In addition, stress and lack of sleep can also increase the risk of various serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, depression, and obesity. If you are stre