Stress Relief Management


Dense daily activities, busy work, and economic constraints, usually make a person more easily stressed. Symptoms that arise from stress in the form of headaches, unable to focus on work, unable to control emotions, and so on, will eventually interfere with your life with other people, both family and friends, or your work partners. If you often feel stressed, especially prolonged stress, you should try to do stress management properly so that you can feel more calm, comfortable, and happy. Here, there are several ways that you might be able to do to reduce the feeling of prolonged stress.

Enough Rest

For some people, stress may be caused by a lack of sleep or not getting enough sleep. If this continues, the person will feel less energetic and have difficulty concentrating or focusing on daily activities. In addition, stress and lack of sleep can also increase the risk of various serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, depression, and obesity.

If you are stressed and having trouble sleeping, try to create a calm and comfortable sleeping atmosphere, for example by dimming the bedroom lights or turning on aromatherapy. Don't forget to always get enough sleep every night for at least 6-8 hours.

Active And Exercise Regularly

When you are feeling stressed, you should not be alone for too long or lock yourself at home. As much as possible try to keep moving, or better yet, exercise. Do light sport, such as walking, jogging or running, and cycling.

When you move or exercise a lot, your body releases natural stress-reducing hormones or endorphins. These hormones can also make your mood better so that stress can be more easily overcome. That way, the body will feel more relaxed, calm, and sleep more soundly so that it can avoid stress.

Listening to Soothing Music

Listening to relaxing music can also be an effective stress reliever. This is because soft music can relax the body and lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels. Not only soft-tone music, listening to your favorite music genre can relieve stress. That's because music creates an atmosphere that is liked by the body so that the body feels comfortable and calm.

Relaxation Techniques

When under stress, you should try relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation. Many studies have shown that yoga and meditation can relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression, improve mood, and fight negative thoughts. Not only that, meditation and yoga can also help you more easily to calm your mind and focus. Do yoga or meditation in the morning before leaving for work or you can do it at night before going to bed so that the body feels more comfortable and calm.

Fun Activities

One way to relieve stress that is quite effective is to do activities that you like. Everyone has their activities or hobbies. Take a minute 1-2 hours a week to do activities that you enjoy. Doing activities that make you lose track of time and feel happy while doing them can usually help calm your mind and relieve stress. Activities that can relieve stress, such as writing, fishing, reading books, or watching movies.

If you still find it difficult to choose a fun activity, you can also try new things that you have never tried before, such as painting, gardening, and taking dance classes, or playing games. One study proves games can help to relieve stress. If you are interested in playing games to relieve stress, you can visit Memories Interactive. Memories Interactive is a dating simulation game, also known as an otonome game. I often play it in my spare time to release stress and boredom. If you are also interested, you can download it here for iOS or here for Android.


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