The New Hobby During Pandemic For Killing Boreness


During this Pandemic, many people are taking up their new hobbies. Some return to reading novels, writing stories, exercising, assembling toys, gardening, and most of all playing games. One of the most popular games is the Otome-themed game. This game tells the journey of a woman in her life. One of the platforms that provide Otome games is Memories Interactive. I am one of the players who often play this game in my spare time. If you are interested in playing this Otome game, you can download it here for Android and here for iOS.

In addition to playing games, many hobbies have started in the community since the 2020 pandemic ago until the end of 2021 this year. Hobbies that are starting to trend among the community include, 

  1. Cycling. At the beginning of the implementation of the new normal, people began to be enthusiastic about exercising. Many kinds of sports are liked by the public during the pandemic, one of which is cycling. At first, this was a sport that became a trend when it came to limiting the number of passengers on public transport. Then the bicycle becomes an alternative vehicle for the community while traveling during the pandemic.

  2. Exercising. In addition to cycling, people who can't go to the gym during the pandemic have started choosing to bring gym equipment home. In addition, several groups still do jogging or jogging routinely around the house or complex. Some switch to trying new types of exercise that can be done at home, such as yoga or following online sports on YouTube.

  3. Have a New Pet. This trend has become one of the repellents of boredom when working at home (Work-Form-Home). Owners and pets during time together at home. Several types of pets have become people's favorite pets, including cats, dogs, fish, and reptiles.

  4. Arrange the House. The house is the center of community activities during the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), therefore, there is a new need to redecorate the house to make it more comfortable to use as a place to work or school. During the pandemic, arranging the house is one of the new hobby choices. Many interesting activities can be done, such as making shelves, painting the walls of the house with a new color, or rearranging chairs.

  5. Cooking And Baking. Recently, social media has been enlivened with various tutorial dishes or making homemade bread. This shows that many people have made cooking and baking a new hobby. Not a few of these hobbies are then used by home businesses as a source of new income.

  6. Watch Movies. Currently, there are many streaming services or applications that allow users to watch movies without leaving the house. Based on research conducted by UI, the Korean drama series (drakor) is one of the most widely shared keywords during the pandemic.

  7. Gardening. Some ornamental plants are trending and many stores are social media timelines, ranging from perforated widows, cacti, and aglaonema. Gardening is one of the ways that people use to pass the time in boredom due to the pandemic.

  8. Reading Books. Reading books is also a hobby that many people choose during the pandemic. The choice of books to read is also very diverse, ranging from printed books, e-books, and audiobooks. The genres chosen vary, from horror, thriller, romance to fantasy.


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