The Key to a Successful Long Distance Relationship


Every couple has their way of living their life. Some are living together, some are working together, some are in long-distance relationships. Well, often Long-distance relationships are considered the most difficult to live. The many temptations and problems faced are difficult to go through alone. So how do you make a long-distance relationship last? Here are some tips so that LDR can last.

Commitment and Mutual Trust
Before starting a relationship, let alone a long-distance relationship, you should start with your commitment to starting a relationship. This commitment must be based on trust and strong determination in carrying out the relationship. Trust is the main key to the success of a relationship, especially long-distance relationships. Your trust will be tested more once you are in a long-distance relationship aka LDR.

Reporting from cosmopolitan. UK, Aoife Drury, a psychosexual and relationship therapist, says that trust is what is needed in building a healthy relationship. So, no matter how far the distance that separates you from your partner, trust must always be a reinforcement so that the relationship you live with your partner remains healthy and not toxic.

Honesty in Communication
In a relationship, communication is an important way in maintaining commitment and trust. Communication-based on honesty is one of the strengths that can help a relationship to be more lasting and happy. When communicating, never hide anything from your partner just because once you lie to your partner, it will become a habit, especially when a long-distance separates you. Let your partner know and understand when you are feeling scared, jealous, and insecure. Allow him to support you and make you better.

Share daily activities
In a long-distance relationship, telling stories about everyday life can increase communication and trust. In telling stories, couples know what their partner has been through that day, how he feels, and know each other.

Studies show that LDR couples tend to be able to tell more details about themselves than non-LDR couples. So, don't hesitate to tell in detail what activities you do during the day to your partners, such as the cafe you just visited, the annoying boss, or the book you're reading.

Arrange Schedule Together
Arranging a schedule together when a long-distance relationship is considered possessive? In fact, by knowing your partner's schedule clearly, you can better organize when the time is right to contact him in his spare time. When you don't know for sure what your partner is doing there, you become a nuisance because you contact him when he is busy with activities and even trigger problems. Therefore it is necessary to share information about daily activities or what will be done. Not as possessive, but so as not to interfere with each other's activities and privacy.

Now for those who are LDR, those are some tips that you can do when starting an LDR relationship. Maybe for some couples have a different way. Some do video calling, compose poetry, visit each other once a month, or play games. I often play games with my partner. The games I play are mostly mobile games, there are even Otome games, such as Memories Interactive which I often play. Memories Interactive itself is an Otome game that tells the story of a woman's life to get her love story. It’s Fun right?! If you are interested in the games I play, please download them here for Android and here for iOS.


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