Trend Fashion During Pandemic


This pandemic affects how a person's daily activities are. It can be seen how people are starting to get used to new routines, such as exercising, wearing masks, looking simple, and also playing games more often. Including me, I also play games at home more often and the game I play is Memories Interactive, an Otome Game-themed game platform, which makes me addicted to playing this game. If you are interested in trying to play this game, you can easily download it here for Android and here for iOS.

In addition to affecting daily activities, the pandemic also affects how people look. In this difficult and limited time, style is beautiful but complicated. Fashion observer Franka Soeria admits that the trend to be beautiful but complicated has ended. "The trend of looking beautiful but making it difficult or complicated is finishing because of the pandemic," he said in the Ederra webinar, Thursday (19/8/2021).

According to Franka, the fashion trend in the current pandemic is more about the comfort and function of the clothes themselves. Not only that, but the current fashion trend also prioritizes personality style. "So, according to my observations during the pandemic, the function is an important point in dressing. Besides that, highlighting personality is more attractive than looking trendy or maxy," said Franka.

Franka also tries to give a few tips to keep your appearance stunning during the pandemic, namely by adding flashy color elements to your outfit. "So, it's okay to add yellow elements to fashion items. Explosive colors like that give optimism or a kind of encouragement during a situation like now," he suggested.

The same thing was conveyed by Indah Wahyu Wardani, designer and founder of Ederra. For her, now it's not how to appear to follow the trend but to dress comfortably according to the character. "The trend moves very fast. Not everyone can mix and match, so wearing clothes that are versatile but chic is the key to dressing during a pandemic," said Indah. That is, when you are very multitasking in a day with lots of activities, the clothes you wear don't have to bother changing.

"One outfit, but can suffice the style of all moments. Now the direction is there," he continued. "Dressing now is a way of how we respect ourselves and that starts with dressing appropriately without having to follow trends if we find it difficult to keep up," Indah added.

Then what are the fashion trends that are trending during the Pandemic? Here are some examples.


Who would have thought that masks would become part of today's fashion? For healthy people, cloth masks are mandatory. Masks that were previously used as medical devices have now become part of fashion itself. Instead of wearing the usual ones, many people began to mix and match clothes with the masks they wore. Masks are no longer made with basic and plain colors but are full of colors and motifs. It's just that you have to remember, pay attention to the standards of cloth masks that are used so that they still meet the health requirements for preventing Covid-19.


Ikat cloth or tie-dye is a cloth by using a cloth tie technique and then dipped in dye. In Indonesia, it is popularly known as Jumputan, while in Japan it is called Shibori. Not always in ethnic style, fashion designers like Dior, Versace display tie-dye in a modern style. The Indonesian fashion brand, 3Monkis comes in casual style. While the Ralph Lauren worn by Jennifer Lopez looks sporty.

Pajamas Set

Comfort, function, and style make pajamas rise the ranks of home wear. This work from home shirt looks more diverse, the motif is more exciting, elegant and looks normal when appearing in public areas. Starting from satin, neon colors, or casual cotton. But in its development, this pajama set is not only used for work from home or zoom meetings. Many people are getting bolder in style with sleepwear or pajama sets for clothes to the office or just to the supermarket. Many pajama sets use tie-dye and shibori trends as their contemporary motifs


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